Video Appointments

Connect parents and teachers by video call for virtual parent-teacher conferences and review meetings.

Coronavirus pandemic

Video Appointments are perfect to help support your parents during the pandemic.

Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences & Meetings

Allow your parents and teachers to meet easily and remotely by video call.

Uses your web-browser - nothing to install

There’s nothing to download or install - calls are made directly from the web browser. Parents & teachers already have the technology they need - a smartphone or laptop.

Secure video calls

Parents are connected to the teachers they have pre-arranged meetings with. All calls are encrypted between parents & teachers.

Trusted by 8,000+ schools

Tes have been providing software to schools for over 15 years.

Syncs parent, teacher and class data from your SIS

Parents & guardians arrange an online appointment with only the teachers that teach their children.

Pre-arranged meeting times

Choose when teachers will be available for video calls & how long each call should last. Parents are then invited to book their time with each teacher.

Award-winning support

We’re well known for providing exemplary customer support. In addition to many help articles online, we offer telephone and email support included.

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