Easy Student-Led Conferences

Handle student-led conferences with ease

Maximum students per session

The system won't allow more than the maximum capacity you set for each student-led conference session.

Neatly formatted schedules

Tes Parents' Meetings produces clear appointment sheets to print individually for handing to parents in person, or in bulk to distribute to teachers with just one click.

Clear communication with parents

Parents know exactly what time they are attending the student led conference.

Stay on top of busy teachers

Parents can add themselves to a waiting list if a teacher is fully booked. Administrators can respond to parents' requests to make alternate arrangements.

More meaningful meetings

Parents can include a short message to each teacher when booking appointments. Teachers can then prepare in advance to get the most out of the short meeting.

Set limits on booking

Enforce that parents can only book one session for each of their children.

Many more features to make your conference a success

Highly configurable to handle every type of conference

Branded with your logo

Make the right impression with your parents with a system branded with your school colors and logo. Localisation options allow you to change the terminology if your events are called interviews instead.

Add appointments on behalf of parents

For parents that prefer to phone the school or for those without the internet, appointments can easily be added on their behalf by a teacher or administrator.

Works around teacher availability

Have teachers starting earlier or finishing later at a parent teacher conference. The system will even message parents in bulk when a teacher is absent on the day, for example due to illness.

Twins & separated parents

Separated parents can each book their own set of appointments. Twins are also taken care of with the system making sure the parent has a clash free schedule.

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