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We focus on customer satisfaction to ensure you receive the best possible solution for your parent teacher interview booking. We value our schools' opinions, infact many features of the Meet the Teacher have been developed in response to suggestions. Our schools are glad to be part of our product and we're happy our schools are involved too.

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Greenwich Education Group
With Meet the teacher, our Parent teacher conferences have become more productive and seamless. It makes scheduling parent teacher conferences easy for school administrators, teachers and parents thus eliminating the hassle of paper based conference schedules. It allows parents to book conference appointments online from any place via the Internet smoothly. With the Meet the Teacher reliable and user-friendly system, it has improved our efficiency to provide the parents with an error-free conference scheduling system to book appointments with their child's teachers.
Deepthi Gopi
United Nations International School
Meet the Teacher has allowed school administration to design and customize with greater precision Parents Teachers conferences as we like to offer different kind of conferences based on grades or campus to our parents. Booking conferences is also now more intuitive for parents. One negative feedback we received multiple times is that booking is now too simple so slots are filling too fast!
Mr Vallet
Montessori Academy of Cincinnati
Meet the Teacher was extremely easy to use. We're a relatively small school (255 students), and our database is rudimentary. Importing data to the conference website was easy; the few files they require were logical and simple. There were no sticky details in getting from what we had to what they needed. We set up 13 conference days in a matter of hours. Marking teacher breaks was a breeze.

But it's not just about us: some parents who have been with us for many years told us it was the easiest ever experience in scheduling their conferences.

We also highly recommend the support staff: they are quick with responses and very patient, obviously accustomed to dealing with folks who lack software experience.
Annette Uhrick
Corfe Hills School
The system is very popular among parents and staff at Corfe Hills. The feedback so far has been consistently positive. It is very easy to use and the time saved in admin has been considerable. Highly recommended.
Ms Tegerdine
South Holderness College
Overall the system is simple, easy to use and does what it says on the tin. Previously we gave students an appointment sheet and they went round the teachers filling in times for their parents. This meant the students controlled whom the parents saw, not the parents.
Mr Morris
Bilborough College
The system is great - it is easy to load for the administrator and gives parents a much more efficient booking process with greater choice. We previously used a "homemade" database system which was ok but we had to book the appointments internally from slips returned from students.
Ms Taylor
Cotham School
We used to use a paper based system which was chaotic. Now parent teacher conferences run much closer to time and parental attendance has improved hugely from around 70% up to about 85-90% for most year groups.
Ms Baldry
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